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Service Business to Millions 

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You are a coach, consultant, or service provider who is actively serving clients and is ready to take your business to the next level.

  • You want to earn more but if you’re honest with yourself, you don’t have the bandwidth, systems, or team to maintain and manage an influx of clients
  • You’re already working with clients but every month feels like you're starting over. You need a repeatable process to usher in more of your dream clients so you can grow.
  • You want to streamline client delivery so you can spend more time as the CEO instead of being buried in client work.
  • You want more freedom and flexibility. You thought being ‘fully booked' was what you should aim for but now that your entire calendar is on lockdown you’re lacking the lifestyle you started the business for.

  • Live interview series featuring Women Millionaires
  • Implementation Guide to take action on what you learn during each session so you can implement it in your business before the year is out
  • 2 Days of support from Jamila and her team inside the Breadwinning Women private Facebook group
  • An exclusive opportunity to network with women who are currently selling high-end services to the tune of millions of dollars in revenue

Here's what you'll learn

Jamila Payne | @womenbreadwinners

The Top Mistakes Women Service Providers Make that Prevent them from

Being Consistent, Profitable,


Mary Morgan | @marymorgan.biz

The Daily Sales System

for Serving More Clients without

Working Long Hours

Juliana Garcia | @itsjulianagarcia

Simplifying as a Way to Scale

so you're not overwhelmed with admin work or an impossible to-do list

VIP Implementation Day

The Money Roadmap: How to

Sell OUT Your Service Business without Working More Hours


You’ll see what it means to be a high-end service provider and how selling high-end service is the best path to being a Breadwinning Business Woman.

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A veteran online business owner who specializes in systems for attracting and serving more clients. Jamila embodies women's empowerment and wants to show you how to earn more in your business so you can create your dream life.