YES! I Need a Makeover

Let's start the countdown!

YES! I Need a Makeover

  • You want to earn more but if you’re honest with yourself, you don’t have the bandwidth, systems, or team to maintain and manage an influx of clients
  • You’re already working with clients but every month feels like you're starting over. You need a repeatable process to usher in more of your dream clients so you can grow.
  • You want to streamline client delivery so you can spend more time as the CEO instead of being buried in client work.
  • You want more freedom and flexibility. You thought being ‘fully booked' was what you should aim for but now that your entire calendar is on lockdown you’re lacking the lifestyle you started the business for.

I get it, I’ve been there. I, too, was faced with overwhelm in my business and hit the edge of burnout. It wasn’t until I started using the principles from the 5-star method that I started getting more high-caliber clients, creating greater client impact, better self-care, and a quality lifestyle. I’m going to show you how you can too!

Put your phone on work mode, bring your notebook and be ready for these gems:


Secret Formula that I used to usher in clients on demand and 3x sales each month that positions you as the go-to provider in your industry


3 shifts to go from having a suite of offers to one signature service that will increase client capacity without working long hours.


Learn my EXACT pricing strategy that will double client conversions and scale your signature service to multi six figures


How to create demand for your offer in a noisy digital space using my simple positioning framework to gain an edge over competitors by highlighting your talents and uniqueness,


The #1 mistake that keeps service providers underearning and how to set up your business to be serving a consistent pipeline of clients who are happy to pay a premium to work with you

YES! I Need a Makeover

  • 6 Intimate Live Business Makeover Calls packed with immense value to coach you on how to have your service become irresistible to high-caliber clients (you’ll have access to the recordings if you can’t be there live).
  • Signature Service Makeover Guide to take action on what you learn during each workshop so you can implement it in your business before the year is out
  • 5 Days of support from Jamila and her team inside the Breadwinning Women private Facebook group
  • An exclusive opportunity to focus on improving your business and set up systems to scale your services in 2022
  • A chance to win $1,000 to use towards Jamila’s Breadwinners Mastermind
YES! I Need a Makeover

Daily Success Routine was founded by Jamila Payne, a Marketing Executive, and Business Strategist. Throughout her career, Jamila has led marketing campaigns for non-profits, and national brands and served as the Inaugural Director of an entrepreneurship center based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she lived for 2 years and traveled to ten different countries on the continent of Africa.

Today, she's the CEO at Daily Success Routine and a visionary featured in publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise, and The Wall Street Journal.

The Daily Success Team includes educators, project managers, and certified life coaches that will set you up for growth and whip your business back-office into top-notch shape.

Save the dates, June 20th - 24th, 2022