You’ve been working too hard, for not enough pay or peace for far too long.

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Breadwinners Mastermind is a 6-month Mastermind for packaging your offer, attracting high-end clients, and turning your service into a six-figure business.

  • In Breadwinners Mastermind you will master sales, online marketing, money mindset, and building a profitable business model.
  • You will create transformative, high-end signature service and use simple but effective sales and marketing systems that differentiate your business in the industry.
  • We breed Breadwinners, women who make money, strive for financial independence, and proudly change the world one client at a time.
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Here's what you'll accomplish inside the program

Create Your Scaleable Signature Service

You'll design a signature service that allows you to sell your services at a premium price of $2K - $10K that will create big results for your high-caliber clients.

Setup your Sales Process and Close More Clients

We'll provide all the swipe files, checklist, and the sales calculator you need to finally step off the sales roller-coaster into the land of predicate revenue.

Build Your Back-Office Systems

Stuck in overwhelm? You're not about that life anymore. We're going to show you how to hire your dream team, put your systems and processes in place, and streamline your client delivery so you can get more done in fewer hours.

There are less than 12% of women owners that ever cross the multi-six-figure mark in business and I’m on a mission to change that.

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